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  • 5 advantages of buying from a flooring boutique

    In spite of the innovative technology that currently enables online shopping, many consumers are still attached to in-store purchases. Especially when it comes to buying home building equipment or tools. Much more practical, buying your type of flooring in a store does indeed offer a number of privileges. Just the ability to get the product right away and the real experience of the salespeople to help customers make their purchasing decisions a reality. But not only that! In this article, we propose you to discover five good reasons to buy at a flooring boutique.

    Have a greater overview of the different floor models

    The ability to touch the product as you see fit is the primary reason why a purchase at a flooring store is advisable. The fact is that actually touching and smelling a product are recognized as decisive factors in a given customer’s purchase decision. Overall, this is one of the major differences between the physical store and the website, which is also its strong point. The advantage of buying in a floor store is effectively the possibility to try and manipulate the product before acquiring it. Unlike a website, a floor store is also a way to satisfy a hasty desire. In other words, if you suddenly feel the need to change your flooring, this type of store will be able to meet your requirements at any time.

    The relational experience in a flooring boutique

    In-store shopping is still very popular with consumers in spite of the boom in online shopping. For the simple and good reason that in a store, especially one specialized in flooring sales, authenticity, human and emotional values are made available to you. Not to mention the real-time support by real flooring experts, total availability and friendliness which are both assets and commitments proposed by the sales managers. The objective is to provide the best possible advice and customer satisfaction.

    Customized service in a flooring boutique

    When purchasing from an online store, the features made available to you are in principle automatic or programmed responses. Whereas at a floor store, you will have an analysis and good suggestions at your disposal. By means of a face-to-face exchange, a number of parameters will be more particularly taken into account. Moreover, a good salesperson specialized in flooring marketing will share his or her expertise with you in order to offer you a service that meets your requirements. You can be sure that in a flooring boutique, the people in charge will listen to your needs, welcome you and guide your decisions.

    The good meaning of service of the teams in the flooring store

    This third reason highlights the quality of service related to the customers of a flooring boutique. This is not always the case for an online store that is a victim of its lack of customer service. For all consumers looking for quality service at the time of purchase of their flooring equipment and practical after-sales service, buying in a flooring boutique is therefore the option to be preferred. Note that these are two elements that are still very much considered in traditional flooring stores.

    Availability of a floor store

    As stated above, buying in a flooring boutique is for you the promise of punctual service at all times. Open during business hours, it allows you to benefit from the support you need to make your projects a success. Not to mention that by taking the trouble to visit a flooring boutique, you will enjoy both the availability and the unparalleled friendliness of the salespeople. They will take it to heart to assist you in meeting your every need, without insisting.

    In short, these are the reasons why buying in a flooring boutique still has its place in the world of commerce. So, don’t wait any longer to come and visit your favorite store.

  • Benefits of Quebec hardwoods

    Hardwood is regarded as an essential material in a home that is as much aesthetically pleasing as it is practical. Increasingly popular, it can dress up any living room with elegance and beauty. Particularly famous, hardwood is mostly seen on the floors of old homes as well as modern constructions. Also highly prized by the people of Quebec, hardwood presents a number of benefits to its followers. There are even hardwoods from Quebec that are characterized by their innumerable particularities. Find out which ones in this article.

    Quebec hardwood: a versatile material!

    Are you planning to install a floor or equipment made of Quebec hardwood in your living room, kitchen or bedroom? Know that you have opted for the right material. The fact is that opting for hardwood is an opportunity for you to give your home a unique look. In particular, its wood stain offers an original, elegant and warm look to your living room. Especially since a wide range of choices in terms of colors, styles and species is available to you.

    The choice of Quebec hardwood is also a real asset in order to enhance the style of your interior decoration and add value to it. In short, undeniable benefits that are made available to you thanks to the richness offered by this type of siding.

    Quebec hardwood: an ecological alternative

    In general, Quebec hardwood is a material derived from natural resources. More particularly, it has specific features that are both renewable and recyclable. These important factors make this type of material an ecological choice to install on the floor of your house. What’s more, by opting for a hardwood floor, you are assured of a floor covering that is especially beneficial for the air in your house, but also for your health and that of other residents. Quebec hardwood flooring stands out for its ability to minimize the presence of dust in your rooms and therefore causes less risk of allergies in everyday life.

    The ease of maintenance of Quebec hardwoods

    In most cases, maintaining a floor proves to be an arduous task for the occupants of the house. This is not at all the case with Quebec hardwood, a floor covering that is particularly easy to maintain. All you need to do is equip yourself with a vacuum cleaner or a slightly wet mop to effectively clean your surface. Obviously, hardwood is a material that does not mix well with water. In other words, Quebec hardwood does not react positively to humidity. Therefore, you must avoid any water on your hardwood floor. Of course, you can use a product designed primarily for cleaning hardwood surfaces. You will see that after a few simple steps that will take only a few minutes, your hardwood will once again have a clean and shiny look.

    Durability of Quebec hardwood

    As stated above, Quebec hardwood is a material made from sustainable materials that you can bring back to life as the years go by. Even when it is worn or damaged. Quebec hardwood is also a material that can last many decades, making it an attractive and profitable investment. With regular maintenance, your hardwood unit will effectively maintain its quality and remain in excellent condition. Note that you can sand your hardwood floor once it becomes too damaged. This is mainly a technique that involves removing a slight thickness from your surface to eliminate all traces of scratches, breakage or damage. This will give your hardwood a new lease of life. You can also varnish and stain your Quebec hardwood unit to optimize its life span.

  • How to choose your flooring installer in Montreal?

    Are you a resident of the island of Montreal? Are you looking for a skilled and professional flooring contractor? First, you need to make a small comparison, consult and contact several flooring companies in Montreal in order to make a more accurate choice. The goal is to do business with the best flooring company in the area. And this, whatever the type of work to be done: floor sanding, floor repair or installation of wooden stairs. Browse this article and discover a few tips to help you choose your flooring contractor in Montreal.

    Learn about the services offered by the flooring contractor

    This is the first criterion to consider when choosing your flooring contractor in Montreal. The fact is that not all professionals in the field provide complete services for your flooring projects. Some contractors have a unique specialty such as floor sanding, while others offer complete flooring services. According to the type of service you require, make sure that the flooring contractor of your choice can meet your every need. Above all, make sure that your flooring contractor in Montreal is a true expert in the field.

    Explore the accomplishments of the flooring contractor

    This second factor is also a deciding factor when choosing your flooring contractor in Montreal. As they say: “a picture is worth a thousand words”. In this sense, in order to be sure to choose the best contractor and to ensure the quality of the work done, it is important to immerse yourself in the contractor’s previous accomplishments. To do so, do not hesitate to take the time to browse through the image previews offered by the flooring company in Montreal. As long as you are convinced and seduced by the beauty of their work, you can be convinced that your floors will have the same impeccable look.

    Take into account the flooring contractor’s references

    As soon as you are satisfied with the seriousness of the flooring contractor in Montreal, his reliability and his experience, consider asking for one or more references from the company. This will give you more assurances about the quality of your future work. In short, recommendations that will assure you of investing your money with the right company for results that meet your expectations.

    Floor Contractor Certifications: An Equally Essential Criterion!

    It is brought to your awareness that for flooring work performed in compliance with safety and industry standards, you must take into account the accreditations of your contractor in Montreal. To do so, you can consult the Registre des Entreprises du Québec to make sure that the flooring contractor is properly licensed. You must also subsequently consult the RBQ’s Register of License Holders and at the same time the APCHQ’s Membership Directory. If your flooring contractor happens to be licensed, you can of course entrust him with the realization of your flooring projects. If this is not the case, however, you must choose another flooring contractor.

    Ask for a quote from the flooring contractor

    After doing a little research on the flooring expert in Montreal, it is advisable to proceed with a request for quote for your project. This is more particularly an interview that will allow you to know the details as well as the rates attributed to the realization of your future flooring project. Ideally, you should contact the company of your choice directly. An initial consultation will give you the opportunity to ask your flooring contractor in Montreal any questions you may have and ask for advice if required.

    As you can see, choosing the best flooring company in Montreal is no small task. Indeed, to do so and benefit from the know-how of an experienced flooring contractor, it is necessary to take a number of factors into account. Just take the time to consider them carefully to ensure a flawless quality finish.

  • How to sand an old floor?

    Do you want to restore the look of your antique floor? Sanding your floor covering is the option available to you. It is mainly a technique that involves cleaning or stripping a surface by abrasion. The purpose of sanding an antique floor is to restore your floor to its original shine and condition. However, it is clear that not everyone can achieve a successful antique floor sanding. In fact, to achieve this, it is important to follow certain basic steps. Find out which ones in this article.

    The required equipment for sanding an old floor

    Like all construction or renovation work on a house, sanding old floors requires the use of a few materials. Obviously, the floor sander is the main machine you will need to have on hand. Ideally, always choose a floor sander with a built-in vacuum and a dust bag. Safety goggles, a mask and earmuffs can also be useful. Not to mention the large quantity of coarse, medium and fine grit sanding belts.

    Preparing the floor for restoration

    In general, sanding a floor is done in a few key stages. Note that before starting the process, you must first evaluate whether your old floor can still be salvaged or whether a permanent replacement is required for the safety of residents. Once this is done, you must start by preparing your floor. To do so, before removing all screws, drive all nails into the wood to prevent them from tearing the sanding strips you will be using. Then, make sure to replace the damaged boards for a job well done. Lastly, the last step for this preparation is to remove all possible traces of old varnish with a steel pad soaked in white spirit. A way for you to prevent the sanding belt from becoming pasty.

    Antique floor sanding

    For this stage, you will particularly need a floor sander to flatten the floor with an abrasive paper. Generally long and delicate, this work does not require any particular experience and can be done by yourself. For this, be sure to equip your sander with a coarse-grained belt. Then, you can start on one side of the room, being careful to place your back against a perpendicular wall in the direction of the boards of your old floor. For an impeccable finish, also remember to tilt the sander back and gently hold it in place throughout use. Note that the floor sander is a cumbersome and heavy device, which means that its handling requires good concentration.

    To properly sand your old floor, you must move forward in the lengthwise direction of the floorboards to avoid damaging the wood of your floor. However, if it protrudes, you must go slightly diagonally. Avoid approaching the baseboards, pressing too hard or staying in one place for long periods of time. This will prevent any form of damage caused by the floor sander.

    Continue scrupulously pressing the floor down to the inside of the cracks once sanding is completed. This operation should be done twice in the direction of the wood by providing the sander with a medium-grain and then fine-grain belt. Then sand the edges with a disc sander, always paying attention to the baseboards.

    You will also need to vacuum everywhere to remove wood residues from the floor, while taking care not to get the floor wet. Finish the sanding process by wiping your old floor with a dry cloth to remove dust and observe the final finish of your refinished floor. Keep in mind that you can always make your life easier by first disassembling and numbering the baseboards and then putting them back in their place at the end of the sanding process. Basically, these are the basic steps of an antique floor sanding. Depending on your desires, you can choose to varnish your previously sanded floor for a perfect and sublime finish.

  • Hardwood flooring: the star of your interiors!

    Are you ready to find the ideal floor covering for an original and modern touch in your interior? Hardwood flooring is the option available to you. It is a floor with a noble character that will bring a touch of warmth and elegance to your home. Whether in an exotic, country or modern style of decoration, hardwood is a material that can blend into any type of decor. Hardwood flooring offers a harmonious rendering to your style of interior decoration. Moreover, it is available in several species that will certainly adapt to your tastes. Follow us to find out more.


    Hardwood: a multi-faceted material!

    Hardwood is a very classy material that enhances the value of your home and gives it unequalled cachet. Made from strips of noble woods such as birch, cherry, maple or oak, hardwood flooring adds a touch of warmth to the overall decor. This type of flooring is even famous for its natural beauty that can easily blend with all styles. Not to mention the fact that each species of hardwood has different characteristics and aesthetic qualities.

    Why choose hardwood flooring?


    A hardwood floor generally has the advantage of being a lifetime investment. Because it is made of a quality material that not only resists aging well, but also ages beautifully, this type of flooring is actually able to remain in place for decades to come.


    Particularly durable and timeless, this flooring also allows you to emphasize the interior decoration of your home. Increasingly appreciated, hardwood flooring is the element that will meet all your requirements.


    Available in a wide variety of species, hardwood flooring also allows you to optimize the luminosity of a room. This is not quite the case with other types of floor coverings. Also, hardwood floors can be given a new look by sanding or applying a new varnish.


    Hardwood flooring is also a floor covering that is fairly easy to maintain, with simple daily care. Remember that good regular maintenance of this type of flooring is necessary to keep it looking beautiful for as long as possible.

    Which rooms in the house require hardwood flooring?

    Generally speaking, hardwood flooring can be installed in several rooms of the house. These include the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Note, however, that this type of flooring is not very suitable for installation in the powder room or bathroom. This is simply because hardwood does not react well to damp surfaces. In fact, it is imperative to always check the humidity level in your home once you decide to install hardwood flooring. A humidity level of 45% to 55% on the hygrometer is not very conducive to the installation of this type of flooring. In any case, hardwood flooring is a very classy and original covering when installed in your bedrooms or living rooms.


    What about the installation of hardwood flooring?

    It is important to be well informed about hardwood flooring installation techniques before beginning any installation process. The type of wood flooring chosen will have an impact on both the method and the installation time. Depending on the model you choose, you can choose from a number of installation techniques such as nailed, glued or stapled installation. In short, always take the time to find out what you need for a perfect finish.


    Easily find the hardwood flooring you need

    As you can see, hardwood flooring is one of the most advantageous pieces of equipment, both aesthetically and practically. Especially since we offer a wide range of hardwood flooring models. Trust our services, we guarantee high quality products for all tastes at the best price. So don’t wait any longer!