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With more than 50 different wood species available for hardwood floors, it must be said that the Birch floor option instead of a maple floor or a Hen’s Floor is a popular choice to consider.
There are several members of the birch family, but the most commonly used for hardwood floors are yellow birch, soft birch and paper birch. However, yellow birch wood being the hardest it is the variety most used for the manufacture of floors. There is also the white birch, which is also called white cherry. On the other hand, this wood is softer than the yellow birch.

Characteristics of Birch floor

Natural quality birch floors are composed of a mixture of aubier and duramen offering many variations of color, ranging from golden yellow to brown to bright red. Character marks such as mineral streaks, knots and patterns abound in the natural shade.
The birch hardwood floor is a beautiful parquet floor that stands out from all ordinary floors. For example, the floor of birch wood is generally straight with a fine and uniform texture, characterized by a solid and wavy pattern. You can make a great deal by investing in the hardwood flooring that is the most unique in the world.
The floor made of birch is highly prized for its shades of colour and its varied grain patterns, ranging from subtle swirls to flame effects that seem to dance in every respect, birch hardwood flooring is a floor ingested and always fashionable.
However, it is important to know that birch floors are often associated with white birch wood. On the other hand, the yellow birch floor is often called Merisier floor.

Benefits of Birch hardwood flooring

Birchwood flooring is popular because of its hardness and natural reflections that create an authentic visual appeal for your hardwood flooring. Birch wood generally has a lighter aubier and a contrasting darker heartwood. So, hardwood planks combining the two often have an attractive combination of light creamy shades, combined with darker shades of red and brown.
Birch hardwood has a straight, tight grain. Even more so, birch is a hardwood with excellent shock resistance, ideal for all areas of your home. There is also the white birch, also known as the white Merisier, offering a hardness like silver maple.

No matter what type of hardwood floor you choose, the look of birch hardwood flooring, whether it’s solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, will be an attractive addition to your home. The color of birch wood can be very complementary to the furnishing of your home, whether you choose the lighter variety of the aubier or the darkest of the heart wood.
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