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Beech wood has a very fine grain but is hard and resistant. The beech is frequently used in the manufacture of hardwood flooring, in fact the beech is quite tolerant and as resistant as the parquet of oak.

Beech wood is mainly grown in North America and Europe. The American beech has a generally pale white-coloured aubier, while the heart wood is mainly reddish brown. With its grain of wood that is straight and generally closed, giving a fine and uniform texture, this species is coarser than the European beech.

Beech wood is commonly used for domestic and commercial flooring, as well as in the manufacture of furniture, decorative veneers and musical instruments.

Beech Floor Features

It is during the conception of beech floor and after the drying part, that beech wood takes its distinctive tone of warm rose. However, there is often a variation of colour between the boards. Sometimes beech wood surfaces can have a silvery sheen. It should be noted that the floor of beech wood has a very similar appearance to the cherry floor. You really must look at the two species very closely to be able to distinguish them. Often the two wood species are mixed together and can hardly be distinguished, as they are so similar.

Beech wood floors are frequently installed in factories and high-traffic areas, as they exhibit exceptional resistance to wear and remain smooth when subjected to intense wear factors.

Janka-wide evaluation is one of the key ways to determine the durability of hardwood flooring. The Janka scale attributes a numerical value to the hardness of a wood. A low score of zero indicates that a wood is too soft for a flooring, while a high score of 4000 indicates that it is far too difficult to work for a flooring. Beech wood is rated at 1300 on the Janka scale, making it slightly harder than red oak wood. This note indicates that beech wood flooring is suitable for hardwood floors that would be subject to moderate to heavy pedestrian traffic.

Indeed, the beech wood is known for its hardness and elasticity, with excellent resistance to shocks. Although beech wood floors are relatively hard and durable, they remain a wood product and can be damaged. Preventive maintenance and routine care are necessary to maintain the natural beauty of your beech floors.

If you are looking for a durable and economical hardwood flooring option, you will be pleasantly surprised by the beech floors. The durability of the beech flooring makes it a good choice almost anywhere.

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