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Simon Groleau is the president of the family business L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal. For over 30 years, the company has enjoyed an excellent reputation of a job well done at an affordable cost. 

For the sanding of your bamboo wood floor, over the years, the company has been able to forge an enviable reputation thanks to its exceptional professionalism and impeccable customer service. We listen to you and offer you a remarkable quality of work to satisfy your needs.  

We offer our dust-free floor sanding services in Greater Montréal, on the South Shore, and on the North Shore. 

Our company offers you the ideal solution for a personalized look, since the work is carried out by a professional and experienced team of master sanders. 

Bamboo flooring and its characteristics 

Bamboo appeared 250 million years ago. It’s part of the vast family of grasses. It’s a giant woody plant, or rather a giant grass. It offers several advantages over other plant-based materials such as wood. 

Bamboo is stronger (up to 85% harder than a maple board) and is more resistant to insects, mold, and fire. Like engineered wood, it can be installed directly on the concrete. 

L’Artisan du Plancher and its experienced master sanders offer dust-free and eco-friendly sanding of bamboo floors, stairs, and railings! 

Did you know that bamboo isn’t wood, strictly speaking? Rather, it’s part of the grass family. Curious, no? If you’re one of those people who worry greatly about their environment, bamboo flooring is without a doubt the solution for your home. Whether it’s in the kitchen, in the living room, or in the bedroom, bamboo flooring is attractive. A bamboo floor can be sanded and varnished several times. 

At L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal, you’ll meet people who will listen to your needs and workers who are proud of the trade they’ve chosen with passion. Our master sanders are very familiar with the artisanal methods that will give life back to your floors. They’ll carefully carry out each of the steps required to sand your bamboo floor so that you can appreciate the final result. 

Offering you unparalleled work and personalized service: that’s our motto! At L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal, we guarantee that your bamboo floors will be sanded by master sanders in the same way that we would sand our own. We therefore make every effort to ensure that the sanding of your bamboo floors is carried out according to industry standards. Our products are odourless, and the result is dust-free thanks to our cutting-edge equipment that offers you maximum performance for precision operations on a bamboo wood floor. 

The beauty of oiled bamboo wood 

The trend of natural and rustic-looking floors is growing, and oiled floors, which offer a very particular finish, are increasing in popularity. Easy to care for, they create a pleasant environment and restore the true sensation of the warmth of the wood. 

An oiled bamboo floor should never be re-sanded. You just have to apply a new oil – specially designed for this purpose – every three or four years, and always before it whitens. Each application makes its beauty deepen, until it has the silky look and patina that’s so desirable in the floors of old European homes. 

L’Artisan du Plancher Montréal and its specialists use a natural oil to protect your bamboo floor. You thus preserve its authenticity and its unique character. While a vitrifying coating provides brightness, natural oil penetrates the grain and enhances its texture. When you move around on a floor treated with oil, you’re really in contact with the wood. An oiled bamboo floor offers you this pleasant sensation that can’t help but evoke the bucolic charms of the countryside. 

How to Care for Your Bamboo Floor 

  • The key to keeping your bamboo floor in the best shape is simply to keep it clean. Dirt and dust will accelerate the wear and tear of the finish on your floor.  
  • Never wax your bamboo floor: wax is incompatible with the oiled finish on your bamboo floor. 
  • Immediately clean up spills on the surface of your bamboo floor. Liquids left too long on almost any type of floor can damage it. 
  • Protect your bamboo floor from premature wear and tear by installing felt or plastic protectors under the legs of your furniture.  
  • Beware of high heels! An average-sized woman in high heels can produce over 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch on the floor. This can damage even the hardest floors. 

Our customer service promise is simple: we’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. 

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