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Walnut wood is the most versatile and widely used hardwood flooring choice in North America. It is robust, durable and comes with a beautiful dark chocolate color. Many homeowners choose walnut hardwood flooring for its unique beauty and appearance. This makes the walnut a popular choice not only for hardwood flooring, but also for beautiful furniture all over the world. Over time, American walnut wood develops a shiny patina that makes it even more desirable.

For hardwood floors, two main types of walnut are used: the American black walnut floor and the exotic Floor of Brazilian walnut.

Features of The American Walnut Floor

The American Black walnut grows mainly in the eastern and central United States. However, most of the wood harvested comes mainly from the central region. It can also be found under the names American Walnut, Black walnut, American walnut or Virginia walnut.

The color of the American walnut hardwood varies from its creamy white seagrass to its light or dark chocolate brown heartwood, sometimes with purple highlights. The tree refers to the outer living part of the tree, while the duramen or heartwood refers to the inner part of the tree that is no longer alive but is essential to its structural well-being.

The American walnut floor is made of wood that usually displays a straight grain but can often be found with a more decorative curly or wavy grain. These types of grains may occasionally be present in other wood species, but walnut wood often produces a greater variety of grain variations than other species.

This type of wood is often used not only for the manufacture of hardwood floors, but also for the manufacture of cabinets, doors and butts of rifles. When used as wooden parquet, its dark tones act as a striking contrast in rooms dominated by furniture and lighter-colored accents.

Benefits of American Walnut Flooring

The walnut is a high-end wood in hardwood floors. With its remarkable charm, the Floor of American walnut is renowned for its strength and stability. Indeed, the hardwood floor of American walnut is moderately hard and very easy to work with thanks to its properties. Also, its grain allows it to be easily sanded for a nice finish.

The Floor of American walnut is highly sought after although this option is more expensive than flooring in red chene. Although slightly softer than red oak wood, the American walnut floor is quite durable and offers good shock resistance, despite showing a Janka hardness index of 1010. However, the exotic hardwood floors of Brazilian walnut are extremely durable due to their hardness, which explains why they are classified in the range of solid and long-lasting floors.

This floor exudes warmth and luxury and can be installed in bedrooms, dining rooms and hallways. However, it is not recommended to use it for outdoor use. Moreover, a floor in American walnut is prone to scratching and deteriorating in areas with high traffic.

More over the place, if you are environmentally conscious, American walnut hardwood is considered an ecological choice because it comes from a renewable resource. The Montreal Floor Artisan team is always ready to meet your needs for Brazilian walnut flooring or Ipé flooring.