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Cherry wood is a beautiful and durable wood species that is highly looked after and constantly sought after by owners eager for beautiful reflections of purely natural wood. However, there are two distinct varieties of cherry: American cherry wood and Brazilian cherry wood.

American cherry is one of the softest wood species in Canada and the U.S. on the Janka scale. However, due to its durability, the use of American cherry wood goes beyond the manufacture of furniture and tools, but it is also used for the production of floors and subfloors.

Characteristics of American Cherry Hardwood Flooring

An American cherry floor can suit any interior and will add a touch of elegance to every space. American cherry wood is moderately dense, with a tight grain and a fine, even texture. However, its color becomes darker with exposure to light and shows golden and reddish reflections.

The cherry tree is a very pale-yellow hue, while the heartwood is brown with a slightly green hue. The American cherry floor is also available in darker tones, as the wood naturally darkens in light and can also be dyed effortlessly.

Whether you’re looking for the cherry-colored spectrum in engineered floors or classic solid wood floors, the American cherry floor is also very beautiful, with its light colors and pink hue that would complement a home-looking traditional.

Pros and cons of an American cherry floor

The Janka notation system is used to determine the relative hardness of the wood. The hardness of the wood can help you assess its durability and determine which type of flooring is best for your situation. This is important when choosing between different varieties of cherry floors, as American and Brazilian cherry trees have very different Janka ratings.

American cherry hardwood has a score of 950 on the Janka scale. The hardness of Brazilian cherry wood far exceeds it, with a score of 2820. The Brazilian cherry tree is almost three times harder than the American variety. This can necessarily influence your decision, depending on the goal you want to achieve.

For low-traffic areas, the American cherry tree is a good option. However, for a family with children and pets, or a very active business, the hardness and durability of Brazilian cherry flooring make it the best choice.

While the American cherry tree cannot be considered the hardest wood, it is of a sustainable nature. Also, since it is a local and non-imported product, American cherry flooring is available on the market at affordable prices, without costing you a fortune, which makes it a good and solid option or at least a species to consider.

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