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In search of a floor covering that combines elegance and practicality for your house? It’s time for you to opt for the installation of raw maple flooring. Durable and at the same time rustic, this type of covering lends itself to all styles of interior decoration and offers a multitude of privileges to its adepts. If you are thinking of covering your interior with a timeless floor that will last over time, then the choice of a raw maple floor is for you. But what is it really about? And what are the undeniable advantages of such a floor covering? Details in this article.

What features the raw maple flooring?

Maple is by definition the hardest Canadian wood available. With its all-natural, lightweight finish and unique surface, a raw maple floor covering can bring the contemporary and classic look that your floor lacks. Moreover, it is a material that has no trouble matching your design choices and the style of your interior decoration. Rough maple flooring also offers its enthusiasts fine, straight lines in addition to being elegant and clear. Choosing to install this type of flooring is the promise of a floor that offers an extraordinary visual effect of space. Remember also that maple produces many types of wood, such as hardwood and softwood.

Light in nature, raw maple flooring is also appreciated for its wide variety of styles, ranging from the most traditional to the most refined to the most modern. Thanks to its raw character, note that this type of floor covering can also be used to match the entire decor. You even have the choice between leaving it as it is, i.e. with its natural appearance, or covering it with a finish once installed. This enables you to give a completely different look to your already installed raw maple floor. Especially aesthetic, stable and durable over time, maple can also be used in the conception of various pieces of furniture. That is to say, cabinets, sofas and many others.

The benefits of raw maple flooring

Rough maple flooring has the main benefit of being available in a wide range of models. As stated above, this type of flooring stands out from other models of the same type by its ability to blend in with any style of interior decoration. Moreover, because it is sourced regionally and responsibly in Canada, raw maple is an environmentally conscious material. This is not so much the case with exotic hardwoods.

Designed for all rooms in your house, except those that are damp and in constant contact with water, raw maple flooring is particularly well suited to small spaces. And for good reason: thanks to the lines that make up this type of material, it offers small spaces the possibility of appearing larger and much more spacious. Robust, timeless and perfectly resistant to wear and tear, raw maple flooring is therefore a popular choice for all living areas in your home. As with most natural wood floors, this type of flooring adds value to your interior decoration. Not to mention the fact that since it is a durable wood species, it can last for generations. Of course, it will need to be well preserved to last for years to come.

Rough maple flooring is also a perfect blend of strength, stability and beauty. On its own, it can indeed bring the finishing touch to your home. In addition, it is a floor covering with good resistance to temperature and humidity, which means that raw maple flooring can be installed in places where traditional hardwoods may not fit. Note, however, that raw maple wood is stronger than oak, but is not as stable as oak. However, it offers very good resistance to everyday scratches and scuffs.