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The Floor Sanding Artisan in Short  

The know-how of three generations in dust-free floor sanding! 

L’Artisan du sablage de Plancher en bref

Specializing in floor and staircase sanding for the island of Montréal, Laval, and the South Shore for three generations, we’ve always been guided by our willingness to satisfy the expectations of our customers. Today, we can proudly attest that L’Artisan du Plancher is without a doubt one of the companies that has the highest quality standards in the industry. More than ever, we’re focused on our mission, which is to remain the leader in the field of flooring. 

To achieve our goals, we rely on four strategic pillars that form the cornerstone of our success:  

  • To give our customers the best possible experience. 
  • To set ourselves apart through high-quality products and services. 
  • To surround ourselves with an experienced team that’s faithful to the values of our company. 
  • To free up some financial wiggle room so that we can outfit ourselves with sophisticated equipment that exceeds industry standards. 

It’s with pride that we can affirm our willingness to place our customers at the heart of all our decisions. It’s for them that we constantly take up the challenge to surpass ourselves. Each project that we carry out is unique, whether it’s big or small, and we accomplish it with passion. 

We’re happy to work closely with you, our valued partners. Thanks to the extraordinary synergy that exists between us, we’re able to offer you unparalleled service. Your support is precious, and we wish to maintain this marvellous cooperation with you for many years. 

We’re one of the companies that has the highest customer satisfaction rate in Québec. The strong growth that we’ve experienced in recent years is dependent on our high-quality services. A pioneer in floor sanding and a leader in our field of business, our company is firmly rooted in Québec and fully intends to keep growing by focusing on satisfaction, talent, innovation, and performance. 

Simon-Pierre Groleau
President and CEO of L’Artisan du Plancher