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Not sure if you should choose a floating vinyl floor or another type of floor? Each type of flooring has its advantages over its competitors. Each of us, according to our needs, can find our account with one or the other type of floor.

Today, we take under the magnifying glass the floating vinyl floor. Aesthetic and functional, it perfectly imitates floors made of natural materials such as wood or stone. It can thus be installed in all the rooms of a house!

What Are the Advantages of Choosing a Floating Vinyl Floor


What Are the Advantages of Choosing a Floating Vinyl Floor?

Choosing a floating vinyl floor has many advantages that make it an option to consider for flooring, whether residential or commercial. We have summarized for you in five points the reasons to buy laminate flooring.

1. Choose A Floating Vinyl Floor: A Wide Variety of Textures and Colors

The manufacturing process for vinyl flooring is state-of-the-art. This makes it possible to choose a floating floor whose appearance and texture imitate almost all materials, finish, or color.

This innovative material offers almost an infinite number of variations! It is possible to choose a floating vinyl floor inspired by wood in a wide range of colors ranging from clear planks to mahogany effects, including camel, beige, or even white variations. We can thus imitate noble woods such as oak or cherry. Different formats are available, slatted or square, for example, allowing floating vinyl floors to create unique and original patterns. Think about it to create a unique interior decoration from that of your neighbors.

2. Easy to Maintain and Durable

Unlike natural wood planks, the advantage of choosing a floating vinyl floor is that it doesn’t get damaged as easily. Indeed, the different layers give it maximum resistance to shocks and scratches, making it a more durable solution.

And even in the event of damage, the floating floor can be easily replaced! Add to that the fact that a floating vinyl floor is also not very sensitive to grease and moisture stains. The result: a perfect covering for the kitchen or bathroom.

However, vinyl flooring has one flaw: it is sensitive to temperature variations. Avoid installing it in a room that is directly exposed to the sun or in a very cold room. Still, on the maintenance side, a floating vinyl floor can be easily and quickly cleaned with a broom or a vacuum cleaner. And as it does not fear humidity. It can also be mopped regularly with a neutral cleaner and lukewarm water for a deeper clean.

3. Choose A Floating Vinyl Floor for Its Low Cost!

Thanks to lower production costs, vinyl is often a more affordable option. Vinyl floating floors are also less expensive to renovate and are, therefore, an economical flooring choice. If you like the look of wood but don’t feel like spending much money on flooring, choosing vinyl laminate flooring is a great value-for-money alternative!

4. Comfort

Its flexibility makes vinyl a material that is comfortable and pleasant to the touch. It is also less cold than natural materials such as wood or stone.

Its comfort also comes from its significant acoustic insulation, which considerably reduces the sound of footsteps or even shocks and impacts on the ground. It is perfect for bridging noise from one floor to another! Choose a vinyl floor with a membrane built into each tile for optimal acoustics.

5. Easy Installation

Vinyl consists of a plastic material: polyvinyl chloride. To install it, no need to start major work! These plastic floors, flexible and resistant, are easy to install. Whether sold as:

  • rollers (loincloth)
  • slabs
  • clip-on blades

The floating vinyl floor is an interlocking covering. Professionals directly place it on an original floor. At the risk of seeing the imperfections of the subfloor directly on the vinyl floor. Be sure to lay the floor on a perfectly smooth surface. If you don’t have a handyman’s hand or are alone to carry out this task, it is, however, better to call on flooring professionals for an optimal and lasting result.

Call On a Specialist to Choose Your Floating Floor

Call On a Specialist to Choose Your Floating Floor

L’Artisan du Plancher offers a wide choice of quality floating vinyl floor. Because we are flooring experts in Montreal, we also install sand and finish any type of floating or other flooring.