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Are you interested in having a floating engineered floor installed in your home? It consists of two layers of wood with a plywood core in the middle. This article will reveal the five main advantages of a floating engineered floor. Stay tuned with us for fresh updates.

Note that there are several methods of construction of the floating engineered floor. The top layer comprises real wood and is available in a wide variety of species. This layer gives your floor an aesthetic look.

Engineered floating floors are often there in rooms with high humidity levels. Learn more about its many benefits.

5 Advantages of a Floating Engineered Floor

1- Excellent Resistance to Humidity Variations

Solid hardwood floors are not very resistant to changes in humidity and temperature and tend to warp when fluctuations are too high.

Engineered floating floors have a multitude of layers. Therefore, these layers give it excellent resistance to temperature and humidity changes that can occur in certain rooms.


2- Installation in Any Room

Solid hardwood flooring is usually the best choice for your home’s first and second floors. However, because of its low resistance to significant changes in humidity, it cannot be installed in every room.

An engineered floating wood floor is an excellent choice in rooms that are subject to large fluctuations in humidity, such as basements. It is also installed in rooms with high humidity, such as the kitchen.


5 Advantages of a Floating Engineered Floor


3- A Generally Inexpensive Floor

Engineered floating floors are, for the most part, less expensive than solid hardwood floors. However, high-end collections and high-performance engineered products can cost as much or more than solid hardwood floors.


4- Easy to Maintain

Like solid hardwood floors, floating engineered floors are low maintenance. Their multiple layers give them excellent stability. You can sand and refinish them several times during their lifetime. However, the number of times depends on the thickness of the wood. Moreover, the damage is easy to repair.


5- The Natural Beauty That Lasts

With a top layer of natural wood, engineered floating floors look like real wood. It also retains its natural beauty throughout its life.

It is also available in a wide variety of wood species. Some are from Quebec trees such as birch, oak or maple. Others come from exotic woods such as acacia, African mahogany or Goncalo alves.

You’ll have a wide range of flooring choices in terms of width, lustre, texture and much more!


5 Advantages of a Floating Engineered Floor


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